Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Treat holders

Hey There blog world.  You are going to love this!  
I made these adorable treat holders using scrap paper, mini snow flake ornaments, wired tinsel and...
... empty toilet paper rolls!  Now come on, you have to like them a little bit, right?  They are so easy to create, you just need to start collecting the empties.
I have already given out quite a few and the people I gave them to, loved them.  I couldn't keep it a secret for very long and told them they were made out of empty toilet paper rolls.  Wow!  They loved them even more and I could see the wheels turning on how they can use this idea.
I will gladly do a tutorial if anyone is interested.
Just one more, cuz they are so fun! 
Take care and I'll see you on another day,

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