My new addiction is starting to take over my life!  It starts with a mound of clay, wedge it, put it on a wheel then see where it takes you.

Those sweet little monsters are only about 2 inches tall and adorable!!
Isn't this mug gorgeous!!!!  It's a hand build and my first time using the darting method to give the piece a funky shape.  The top glaze is Mayco Jungle Gems Crystal Glaze Blue Azure.  The bottom was painted using Mayco Crystalites Crystal Glaze Lotus Blossom.
The turquoise bowl above had been glazed in white and blue.  I didn't care for it at all so I got some spray paint and painted right over the glaze.  I LOVE it!

 Mushroom with Mod-Podge resist spots.
 Guess who!
Look!  I actually do use most of my pieces!


I am so very lucky to have moved to a fabulous 'Very Active' over 55 community that has over 300 different clubs! My favorite Pottery/Wheel Throwing is just one of them.  It cost $15 a year to join the club and you get access to the Pottery Studio day and night.  So if you have an urge to go make a pot at 2:45AM  you can go make a pot or anything else the suits your fancy at 2:45AM.  The only cost that you will incure is when you purchase your piece and the price is ridiculously low.  The best part of the club is the truly great friends we make, the laughs we have, the stories we hear, the projects we make, and the techniques we learn from each other.
Sun City Center Potters Wheel Club I salute you!


  1. These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thise pots are fab.nice for succulents. Btw, do you sell your lifesaver succulent?