Saturday, May 26, 2012

Liyah update

Hello blog land and Happy Memorial Day weekend. Here's a current picture of Liyah, doesn't she look like a stuffed animal. This post is for those of you who have been following along with Liyah and her broken toe fiasco.  Pet Smart has taken responsibility for breaking her toe!! Can you believe it!!

Now we just have to gather up all the bills that we have paid, fax them and then "We will cut you a check the same day"  I asked about the gas to and from the vet and what about pain and suffering.  I was told that "In their business, animals are like 'furniture' so there is no coverage for pain and suffering.  Stupid Pet Smart.
thanks for stopping in to check on Liyah and I,

Liyah is now out of her cast. She will always have a broken toe because the bones never meshed together.  So we had the option of just leaving her as is or amputate the toe.  Since she is getting around fine, we will leave her broken toe just as it is.

Here's a back link to our episode at Stupid Pet Smart.


  1. So glad to hear that some responsibility is being taken for the financial costs. Is Liyah our of the cast yet?

    1. Thank you Maxine. And thank you so much for being such a fabulous follower. I love that you comment on every one of my posts!
      Liyah is out of her cast but will always have a broken toe. Her other option was to amputate the toe. She is getting around well enough just the way it is.
      hugs to you my friend,

  2. Was here yellow cast the idea for your fun bee card? Love the wing treatment! So glad you are getting the blls paid by Pet Smart. I was telling our vet about your incident, as he trimmed my basset's toenails, and he was very upset with Pet Smart. He is going to use that as a teaching factor for his staff when someone else helps out with the toenails. He was even going to mention it to his other vet-friends. Hope she is out of her cast soon. Such a cutie.

    Chris R. from Iowa

    1. Thank you for your concerns Chris. I'm glad you shared our saga with your vet. Stupid Pet Smart!
      Liyah is now out of her cast but will always have a broken toe. The bones just never meshed. She gets around well enough that we don't need to do her other option..amputate it. poor baby.