Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bella and Liyah

How about a change of pace. Today I'm sharing my pets...aren't you lucky! This is Liyah. She is a 7 year old Jack-a-poo. What is that you ask! She is a Jack Russell ~ Poodle mix. Here she is relaxing after have a nice bubble bath.

And here's my kitty, Bella. We just adopted her from the SPCA last week and love her to death. In the picture you can see her pretty pink nail caps. Nail caps cover her claw tips so no damage occurs when she scratches. Which is a good thing for Liyah.

Aren't they the cutest!


  1. So cute! Thank you for sharing your furbabies!

  2. Love the kitty! I'm a kitty person, though I do have a dog as well. Got them both within a month of each other, when they were itty bitties. That will be five years ago in March/April. They are best pals, and so hilarious!