Friday, December 28, 2007

Well here is my first sewn card. I posted it on splitcoast and got many comments on how it looks like a fish. I guess it does on the computer screen. It was quite easy. I scotch taped the pieces together in the back then zig zag stitched them all on the front. The card looks deceiving in that the dark color blue is actually the inside of the card. I will make some more sewn cards that hopefully don't look like fish :-)


  1. very nice. I commend you, I dont even sew my clothes......can you say staples. LOL. Kidding. I have yet to try to sew in my card making or scrapbooks. TFS

  2. Love this card.. I have not ventured into sewing on cards.. I can't sew a straight line if I tried. But I sew crooked quite well.. LOL I am a heat and stick kind of grl..

    Love the card.. Can't wait to see more.
    Tina M

  3. Very nice card. I can't sew on clothes let along on a card. LOL! I will just sit make and admire your sewing. LOL!

  4. Its a fab card......I'm not too good with the sewing!:)