Saturday, April 7, 2012

Liyah Update

 Update on Liyah ~  Her latest visit to the vet (a weekly occurrence ) was for another x-ray to see how her bone was progressing and possibly come home without a bandage.  Nope.  The bone has moved some and it's trying to heal itself, but it still has a ways to go. So it's another month of weekly vet visits and the poor girl still needs to be all bandaged up.  Sure seems like a lot of padding and bandaging for a little toe, doesn't it.  But that's the only way they are able to protect her toe and keep a bandage on her foot.

Here's her original x-ray (I've added the arrow) Look at that break!  That baby toe is supposed to be lined up with the rest of the toes. The gal the cut Liyah's nails must have a pretty hard grip to be able to do that much damage. If you missed the original story, you can read it here. Don't go to PetSmart!


We are still waiting to hear if PetSmart will take responsibility of the injury.  In the mean time the bills are racking up.  uggg.  Oh another note..and more bills.  Liyah broke her first splint so she needed another one at $170 double uggg!


  1. Oh, poor little Liyah and her toe. I'm so sorry to heal that things are not progressing faster for her. I guess the main thing is that the bone heals properly. I cannot believe that you have not heard from Petsmart about this. This does nothibg for their image as caring about the well being of animals.

    1. Hi Charlotte, Thank you so much for the caring words. Hopefully I will hear from PetSmart this week.

  2. Oh what a saga!!! Just hope she heals soon Michelle.

    1. Saga is right! Thank you for the well wishes.