Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapdelaine Heritage Book

This is a lengthy post for a Heritage book that took me quite awhile to create. The original book was designed by Laura de la Rosa. I knew Laura before she was a famous for being on the Graphic 45 design team. Now look at that girl...gonna be a Momma and everything! Yay Laura.

The first page shows my Dad with his Dad and his Grandma taken in 1932. But that's not where the Chapdelaine story begins.

The photo below shows our family tree beginning in 1619! Can you believe it! I am so fortunate to have ancestors that kept track of all this information.

Be sure to click on the pictures to get larger images for better viewing.

Here's my Dad's Dad and Mom before they met.

And now their Wedding.

I tried to fill in as much information as I could gather.

Below on the left is my Grandfather and my Step-Grandmother.

Pictures of my Dad and Aunt when they were young.

My Dad graduating from High School.

Then along came my Mom

This is the story of my Dad and Mom.

I need to start working on one of these for my Mom.
Thanks for joining me.

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  1. Oh Michelle! This book came out better than I could ever make it! It is amazing how much information and embellishments you added to make so beautiful. I am happy to know that you have a great family with wonderful history.
    I have been super busy that I really had no timeto take a glance but I am so happy I did. Thanks for the wonderful comments and for sharing this amazing family history with me.
    Laura De La Rosa
    The Vintage Key