Thursday, January 20, 2011

Golden Jubilee Cookies

Don't these look delicious!? Yup, they sure were. This post is a teensy bit late ~ we made these cookies the day before Christmas.

Here we are; me, Ciara and my Mom ~ the Golden Jubilee Cookie Bakers. The recipe we use was handed down from my Grandmother. We've changed it up a bit, over the years, by replacing the lard with butter and crisco and no nut 'meats' cuz I'm not supposed to have any.
ooo they were Yummy!

Mom's job was to put the dough on the pans.

Ciara was in charge of keeping the frosting warm and in charge of me to make sure
I was cutting the cherries right.

I guess we all did our jobs perfectly because look at that yumminess!

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