Thursday, December 4, 2008

Challenge #7 @ Paper Craft Planet

Ok, well I missed a few days of the Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge at Paper Craft Planet. They were finally getting tired of birds ( you know, a partridge, calling birds, french hens, turtle doves...) so they decided that Swans are elegant, right? Create a card (or any paper craft) that is all black and white - think of "high formal" weddings. Feel free to toss in a dash of color. Phew, I can do that! I decided to try out a black flower using the Fabulous Flower set. I must say, that flower looks gorgeous in any color!


  1. I have loved this set since I first laid eyes on it, your card is gorgeous. Looks great embossed in black.

  2. Wow! That flower is GORGEOUS!!! :D