Monday, October 27, 2008

Challenge number seven or It's all Greek to me

Over at the Late Night Stampers group we have ongoing weekly challenges. This weeks challenge was to use this map as a starting off point. Well I'm sure you can see that my card is not the same as the example. Would you like my explanation? Of course you do, since you are still reading. Well, first I stamped the words from the Flores Suaves set. And if you have this set you know that the stamp is not as big as the back ground paper and so I pulled out my trusty stamp-a-ma-jig and stamped the card stock six times to get the whole back ground done. I then proceed to add all the other elements to the card. They were all glued on all nice and pretty when I realized the card was upside down! eeeek. Well maybe that's not exactly what I said. But anyway, I was not a happy camper. I was able to pull up everything except the back ground blue with the words from the Flores Suaves, did I mention that I stamped it six different times?! I put all the elements back on the card, facing the correct direction but I had to put them where the glue was still staring at me..and here you go....It meets the challenge, right? Just upside down, but the card is right side up, except that back part, but I don't know Spanish so it's all Greek to me anyway.
Thanks for popping in,


  1. Even if it's upside down I think it looks great! Great card!

  2. Looks great, even upside down! :) Your post made me giggle, imaging your reaction to your discovery. ;) It's a great card!

  3. Love that color combo. I should use my background stamps more. THanks for the inspiration.

  4. Great card Michelle!!! Although it didn't look greek to me, but rather "Blonde"!!! LOLOLOL Sounds like something I would have done!

    I do love your layout and colors! Hugs,