Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fresh Cuts Shazam!

I just found a new Photoshop trick on a gal's sight that has Photoshop Fridays. Cool! So I took her challenge today to add some 'Shazam' to a picture. I decided to try it on my last picture that I uploaded so we can all see the difference. What do you think? Does it make a better picture? I think it does. If you'd like the directions to add 'Shazam' to your photos go visit Jessica and let me see what you can do with your pictures.

Today has been an interesting day. First I had to call my dentist because my temporary crown broke last night. They said to come in right after lunch. Yup. So instead of shortening the long drawn out process they made another crown for me to wear until I come back next week to do more drilling and then another temporary. I'm sure there are many other stories about teeth and crowns. Let's hear a note for us.

Someone, who will remain nameless, mentioned to me that circles were going to be very big this year. Well here's my first step into the circle room. I used the Fresh Cuts stamp set. Stamped it on WW cards stock. Colored in the plants and used crystal effects on the brown. I sponged around the sides and even some of the middle, of course that would be after the crystal effects had dried. Or I may have even done it before I put the Crystal Effects on the card. Who night time drugs are starting to kick in...woohoo. Here's my recipe before I fall asleep at the computer.

Stamp Set: Fresh Cuts
Ink: Chocolate Chip, Barely Banana, Regal Rose
Paper: the same as ink
Extras: SU ribbon, white gel pen

Thanks for looking,


  1. I have a crown story! 2 nights before Convention 2003 I broke a tooth on a Charms blowpop! I sat in the dentist all that Monday waiting for them to make me a temporary! Finally got the temp and popped it off with a pen during the last day in Las Vegas! Arghh! This year I have a bridge on the same tooth cause they could no longer crown it! Hopefully it will stay put in SLC!!

    STAMPIn in the SON!! jenni Hogan

  2. Michelle, I absoluely LOVED the circle fresh cuts card!! I'm looking forward to meeting you at convention too!
    Sharon in Fla.

  3. I love your take on the Fresh Cuts in a circle - great faux stitching too - and love the CE on the brown leaf - awesome card!!

  4. Awesome, I love how you mimiced the stitching on the ribbon. I don't really have any teeth stories. I have been pretty lucky.

  5. I have crown stories but you don't want to know.. Lets just say 5 vials of novacaine a numb jaw and still feel the drill.. Nuff said..

    Love the circle card.. It is just beautiful..