Friday, July 25, 2008

Fabulous Flowers

How about another tease. Here is a close up of one of the flowers that I will be teaching how to make at a pre-convention class. This flower uses only Stampin' Up! products (well with one other little something that everyone has in their house). Once convention is over, I'll be taking orders for the directions. And you're going to say..."d'uh, why didn't I think of that!" In the past two months I have made over 1,000 of these little puppies. I'm thinking I may offer packets that can be used during your workshops for a full card using the flowers. Let me know what you think of my idea. It's not written in stone yet, so give me some feedback.
thanks heaps!


  1. The flower is wonderful. Will be anxious to get the directions.
    Linda Peterson

  2. Michelle,

    I can't wait to learn how to make these, they are fabulous. Do you give classes? I am only a few miles away, lol. Have a great time at convention (wish I were going) and please email me when you return.

    Carolyn Sharkas

  3. Wow, those are cool. Can't wait.

  4. Hey Michelle, Your flowers are so beautiful! The photos don't do them justice!!! Wish I could have been to your workshop and learned how you made them. Guess you will just have to teach me over the internet!!!
    I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you in Florida, and spend time hanging out with you in SLC!!! The party was the best!!! Especially singing karaoke!!! You have GOT to see our pictures!!! Be watching my blog Sweetie!!!

  5. Oooh, I can't hardly wait till our next shoebox swap! Hurry home so we can see all your cool stuff!

  6. Michelle,
    I saw the card with the flowers from convention tonight, and I have to tell you it was beautiful! Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us!!
    Kris Myers Las Vegas

  7. Hi Michelle,
    Your flowers were not only fun to make but are also extremely travel friendly. I packed the card with all of my other convention materials in a suitcase that had no extra little nooks for anything larger than a fur ball (as it was I was 8 pounds overweight at the airport). None of the flowers on the card we made with you had any damage - they weren't even flattened! So koodos to your design.

    By the way, from now on, when you see someone from Blenheim, Ontario, Canada has visited your site, it was most probably me.

    Oh, your autograph has finally disappeared but the memory of our fun times at Convention sure haven't. It was a pleasure meeting you.