Friday, June 27, 2008

Blender Pen Refill

Hi all! I have been MIA for awhile because I have hurt my hand. I had x-rays done yesterday, so hopefully I haven't' broken a bone and it's just a bad sprain. Of course it's the right hand, the hand that I do everything with. I have been wearing a brace, but boy, is it hard to do anything with it on. Gosh, I mean anything. So that I don't run the chance that you will forget to visit my blog I am giving you something to read. It's a How To that I found here. This is a recipe for the fluid used in your Blender Pen. I know I'll be needing this soon because I love using my Blender Pen, alot.

Blender Pen Refill

Mix together:
1 oz. glycerin
2 oz. distilled water
3/4 teaspoon rubbing alcohol

Gently pull the tips out of the pen on both ends. Some people use tweezers, but I have no problem just grabbing it with my fingers. If you do use tweezers, be very careful. You don't want to mar the tip.
Soak the tips in the fluid that you mixed together. Some say to soak it over night, others say for a few hours. It depends on how dry the tips are.
Gently push the tips back in. Add a drop of fluid to each end (since you probably squeezed some of the liquid out) Now you're ready to do more creating ;-)


  1. I hope the x-rays come out ok.. I am praying for a speedy recoveryy for you..

  2. Hey Michelle!
    Thanks for all the goodies,i shared sum w/ my sister.I got ur thank you card done n just need to give it to my sis to mail out.
    Hope ur arm gets better!
    Thanks for everything Kayla

  3. I do hope you will be back soon from your hand injury.