Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Easter morning I found a momma cardinal had made a nest in my grapefruit tree. My grapefruit tree is no taller than I am, so I am able to check the nest everyday since she was kind enough to build her next at chest level. Momma had laid two eggs, but sadly one of the chicks had died, and I don't want to know what really happened to it. During one of my daily checks I noticed one was a lot scrawnier than the other, then the next day it was gone. So I am not going to share the pictures of the two babies..too sad. Enjoy ....

Hello Momma

Isn't it the cutest thing ever!

And very hungry!

Sadly I went out the next day and something had gotten to my little baby and the nest was empty and almost upside down. I haven't seen Momma today, I hope she is ok.


  1. Nature is such a wonderful thing! How nice thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, those pictures are fantastic! I just love birds! How sad that one of them didn't make it but hwo wonderful that the mama picked your tree.

  3. Wow! those are beautiful. I am jealous.. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  4. Oh how special for you to be able to witness this!!! Thanks for sharing those photos!

    I have a pair of dove that nest every spring in a basket hanging on my back porch! I love hearing them coo......and feeling a sense of security with them being there!

  5. I love cardinals (and most all my backyard birds!) and you are so blessed to be able to photo them! I hope you can take some more pix!

  6. Hi this is Chrissy little sis Kayla.Those r really kool pics u got=] t.f.s