Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yay internet is up! We have been having crazy issues with our internet this week. Sometimes it's on and most times it's off. They are supposed to be fixing it tonight. We'll see.
In the mean time, I was able to create this card. The stamp is from SU Heartfelt Thoughts. I really like using this three step technique on the stamps. You just never know what it will look like but they always come out beautiful. As always, click on the picture for an up close view.
On a personal note, I visited my pain managment doctor today and he decided I needed some more steroid shots in my back. Now the first time I had these shots, I was put to sleep first. What a dreadful surprise when he decided to give them to me right then and there. ugghhhh. I gave him my best fainting routine and he said next time, he'll put me to sleep first ha ha on him!


  1. Oh, it gorgeous! How awful it must be to get those shots. Sending big (gentle) hugs!