Monday, January 14, 2008

Who needs a Bella fix? Here ya go! I had some fun paper but I thought the print was too big, so I scanned it then used Photoshop to shrink it down a bit. Added a few layers then Miss Bella and Retail Therapy. Who doesn't love a little Retail Therapy now and then. And ribbon and glitter were added last. I hope you can see the glitter because it ads a lot to the card.
I've had a busy weekend. My sister came for a short visit. My son is also here for the weekend. Then my daughter is coming home today. Hubby and I switched desks so now I can swivel my chair from computer to craft table. And the printer is also in an easy reach. I just need someone to bring me food and I am all set.


  1. I love your card!! Thats funny about the food. I wish sometimes I could lock myself in my room, but ya I guess we NEED to eat! HAHAHA

  2. Girl you have become a Bella nut and I love it.

  3. Sweet! All your Bella cards are fabulous!

  4. Fabby card! Love it:) I so love that bella stamp...tis one of my faves!
    Shaz x