Monday, January 21, 2008

Here is a fun poem that really hits home to most of us~

If You Give a Girl a Stamp
By Tracy Harp

If you give a girl a stamp she‘ll want to make a card…she’ll need an ink pad to go with it. She will spend hours pouring over colors trying to decide just the right one to buy. In the end she’ll decide she just can’t choose so she’ll buy them all.
Then she’ll remember she’ll need card stock to match the ink so she’ll quickly add four packs of assorted paper to her list, oh and white, vanilla, black and kraft!
Thinking about certainly celery, purely pomegranate, pale plum and pumpkin pie will make her hungry so she’ll go to the kitchen for a snack. While munching on cookies she’ll realize she needs ideas of what to do with the stamp. She’ll go to her computer and google rubber stamping.
She’ll find a site called Splitcoaststampers. Wow!! So many techniques and ideas and a gallery that never ends. She’ll spend hours gazing at beautiful cards and projects. Her eyes will become dry from staring at the computer screen. She’ll go to the bathroom for some eye drops.
On the way, she’ll pass her family sitting at the kitchen table waiting for dinner. She’ll quickly heat up some leftovers and try to pretend she hadn’t forgotten. While talking about the days events, her son will bring out the school pictures he had gotten that day.
That will remind her she wanted a digital camera to take pictures of her cards so she can start her own SCS gallery. She’ll convince hubby of all the reasons the “family” needs a new camera. He will finally agree and she’ll head to the store to buy one.
On her way home she’ll pass by Joanns and remember she needs an Ott-Lite to go with the camera she just bought. While shopping for a light she’ll see aisles of paper, punches, embellishments and ribbon. She’ll pick out a cart full of items but realize they don’t carry THE punch she saw used on a card she saved to her favorites. She’ll return home and go back to Splitcoaststampers to find out where to get THE punch.
Her search will lead her to someone’s blog where she’ll see a Starbucks bottle made into a cute candy container. That will remind her she has some bottles in the recycling bin so she’ll go to the garage to rescue them from the trash.
While in the garage she’ll see her son’s bike which will remind her she needs to buy a new helmet for his birthday. Thinking about birthdays will remind her she wanted to bake some cupcakes for him to take to school.
As she walks to the kitchen she’ll pass by the table and see the stamp. The stamp will remind her that she wanted to make a card and she’ll probably want some…


  1. This is so very very true! On the one google group they keep saying that with all the pages and cards I am making I'm inspiration to get them motivated. Well, I need motivation to get out the craft room and to do some house work. LOL!

    PS. Thank you so much for commenting my little sisters blog she was so excited she called me right up. Thanks for making her day.

    Chrissy (who almost signed Sissy)

  2. Oh so true so true, and I thought I was the only one that had a brain than gets sidetracked easliy. i have a card right now waiting for me to get off the computer.....LOL