Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy weekend all. Here is a picture of my newly blinged phone. Ciara (DD) hasn't finished hers plus she has gone back to school, so no pictures of her phone.
As you can see I used pink rhinestones embedded with crystal laquer. Once that was dry I put more CL in the spaces between the stones and sprinkled microbeads onto the phone. And there you have it. Ciara is using Modge Podge on her phone. So it is going to look quite different than mine.
I haven't made any cards in 3 days! Gosh, have I lost my mojo?? Actually I recieved quite a few Bellas in the mail and have been working on organizing them. And at the same time my hubby is changing out my computer for his old one, which is better than the one I have been using.
I want to thank Dawn Marie for sending me a fabulous package.
ThAnk YOu DawN MaRie!!


  1. Love your bling.... Looks cool...

    If I wasn't so rough on my phones I might have tried to bling out mine... But I drop it and all kinds of things. Hazards of my job..

  2. That is cute. Thanks for sharing.