Monday, October 1, 2007

Turns out that I didn't sleep very well last night and did some art while I was half asleep. Half asleep Michelle is not very tidy nor very talented. When I was fully awake and had eaten my oatmeal I was ready for a wide awake project. I worked a bit on the CD that I painted with acrylics. The paint seems to be staying on pretty well. I also did a collage on another CD. They both need some embellishments so I'll work on that tomorrow. I still don't have a plan for what purpose they are going to serve. Can they just be pretty?
Speaking of pretty, DD went to the doctor about her bad knees. The doctor is referring her to an orthopedists, plus she needs to get blood work and x-rays. I guess we'll be getting to the bottom of her pains finally. Hopefully it won't include knee braces or arthroscopic surgery.

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