Saturday, October 6, 2007

Turned out that I needed to make 4 Glitter ATCs. I love glitter so that was no problem. They are sitting on the counter in their hand-made envelopes, ready to go in the mail. I also put together a Halloween surprise for my niece. ( I doubt she reads this) It was a neat idea they have on the Go Make Something site. Take a clean plastic bottle, put a slit down the side and put the goodies in. Then seal up the slit with the address label. That's ready to go too. I'll have to bring it to the post office to see how much postage it will need.
BF and I took a stamp class at Michaels. Lucky for us there were just the two of us and the instructors BF, who is a skilled stamper and probably there just to support her. I enjoyed the class, we made three Halloween cards and saw about 50 beautiful cards that the instructor (Betty) brought to show us. I just might get hooked on this crazy making cards stuff. I'll be going next week too, and I get to pick what kind of cards we'll be making. I am leaning towards a shaker card and flocked card.
I am almost completely done with an old school desk that DH and I got out of someone's garbage. I have sanded, stained it and it now has 4 coats of poly on it. I think I want at least 2 more coats because I want it to be shiny.

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